North Texas Master Naturalist Big Chapter Project

Texas Master Naturalists Share Their Talents with Spring Creek Forest Preserve

On November 4, 2023, Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland received the gift of 25 energetic North Texas Master Naturalists. Each volunteer gave three hours of volunteering to remove woody trees and shrubs encroaching on the beautiful limestone prairie, remove invasive privet and bush honeysuckle from the old-growth forest deep in the Preserve, and to rework our 30-year-old Wildscape garden. That is 75 hours of work accomplished in one morning!

Funds provided by the Master Naturalist program were used to purchase native plants and gardening supplies to enhance the Wildscape. The Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest and the city of Garland Parks and Recreation department share their thanks for this remarkable gift of time and effort.

For over twenty years, Master Naturalists have been active in the Preserve in habitat management, education, and community outreach. Their efforts have made this public park a refuge of towering trees, birds and wildflowers, and miles of trails to be enjoyed by all.


Henry and Judy Aschner: Masters of the Wildscape


Henry at work in the Wildscape. Photo by J. Cato


Taking out woody plants that encroach on the prairie Photo by J. Cato