General information – if you have additional questions, email springcreekforestpreservation@gmail.com

    • Open daily 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.
    • Admission is FREE
    • Bring Water
    • Apply insect repellent
    • No fires or camping
    • Call 972-205-3589 or use the free eAssist Garland app to report maintenance concerns

Trail questions

    • Download the maps from the Trail Maps page.
    • There are about four miles of natural surface trails and four miles of paved trails.
    • The total size of the Preserve and surrounding greenspace is about 250 acres.
    • Stay on the trails.
    • Motorized vehicles, bicycles, strollers, skates, etc. are not allowed on the natural trails, because wheels cause extensive damage to the ecosystem of the dirt trails.
    • Geocaching in the Preserve: SCFP Geocaches can be found at: https://geocaching.com/.

Animal questions

    • Dogs must be on leash at all times (ORD #22.03) to protect them and the wildlife.
    • Clean up after your pet (ORD #22.08).
    • Do not disturb, remove, or destroy any animals or birds.
    • Snakes are in their natural habitat. Do not try to move them. Allow them to pass undisturbed and walk as far around as possible.

Plant questions

    • Poison ivy is a good native plant and it is a food source for the birds. Recognize and protect yourself and children from poison ivy. (Humans are the only species susceptible to the poison.)
    • There are no known endangered species.
    • No plants may be harvested. It is illegal to remove, disturb, or destroy any plants.

Volunteer questions

    • Volunteer workdays are the second Saturday of the month from 9-11 a.m., September through May. Check the Event Calendar  or Facebook for the location.
    • For community volunteer service opportunities email the Society at springcreekforestpreservation@gmail.com or call Garland Parks and Recreation at 972-205-2750.

Membership questions

    • Membership dues support keeping the Preserve in its pristine condition.
    • All staff are volunteers.
    • Most activities planned by the Society are free and open to everyone, although occasionally events are scheduled for Society members only.
    • See the Join or Donate page for more information.

Safety questions

    • The Garland Police placed surveillance cameras in the 1770 Holford parking lot.
    • Call 911 for emergencies.
    • Call 972-485-4840 for non-emergencies.
    • To report dogs off-leash, call 972-205-3570, option 1.

Parking and Trailhead entrances:

    • Lee F Jackson Spring Creek Forest Preserve Trailhead,1770 Holford Rd, Garland, TX, 75044
    • Spring Creek Park Preserve Trailhead, 1787 Holford Rd, Garland, TX 75044
    • Halff Park Trailhead, 4695 Ranger Dr, Garland, TX, 75044
    • Winters Park Trailhead, 1419 South Creek Dr, Garland, TX, 75044
    • Spring Creek Greenbelt – Fred Harris Section, 6006 North Shiloh, Garland, TX 75040
    • Mapleridge Drive on-street parking: Mapleridge Trail entrance to the Spring Creek Park Preserve