Winter Art Cache

This upcoming weekend, Collections From The Field, a project at Spring Creek Forest Preserve will be placing an art cache along a trail in the forest for you to find! This art cache is similar to a geocache but is loaded with handmade crafts instead of the normal geocaching trinkets. Coordinates for the cache will be released on Friday December 18th  and when you find it, exchange one of your own handmade crafts (sketch, art card, kids craft, painting, poem, etc.) for one in the cache. Please be safe and wear a mask and socially distance. Cache will be out for two weeks, from December 19 through January 3. See for more details and stay tuned to their website and social media pages for coordinates. 

Info that will be on Collections From The Field website:

What: Trade your handmade crafts for someone else’s in the cache!

When: 12/19/2020-1/3/2021

Where: Spring Creek Forest Preserve, 1770 Holford Road

Coordinates: 32.96367, -96.65447


Spring Creek Forest Preserve now has a temporary art cache! Like a geocache where you search for hidden containers around town and in natural areas and exchange trinkets in the cache, this art cache is hidden in the forest for you to find! This is a great activity to do with your family, kids, or by yourself.

The cache is loaded with handmade crafts for the winter season and we ask that once you find the cache, you exchange a craft of your own for one in the cache. A handmade craft could be a sketch, art card, kids craft, painting, a short piece of writing, poem, etc. (see below for examples). We hope that in this time where everything is virtual, this activity offers a way to get outside, detach from our screens, and share the joy of handmade crafts. This cache will remain at the Preserve for two weeks, from December 19th until January 3rd.


  • Make a small handmade craft. Make sure your craft will fit in a 3.75 inch diameter opening and is no more than 10 inches long. See below for some examples.
  • Start at the entrance to the Preserve at 1770 Holford Road and using a mapping app on your phone (Google maps or Apple Maps), punch in the following coordinates: 32.96367, -96.65447
  • Use these coordinates to navigate to the cache by following the many trails at Spring Creek Forest Preserve. Please stay on the trail to help preserve the diversity of plants at the preserve; the cache is not more than a few feet from the path.
  • When you find the cache, please sign the log inside with your name, date, and what you are exchanging.
  • Take a craft and leave a craft!
  • Have fun and please be cognizant of others and wear a mask and socially distance while you are out there!