Please note this list is Large and some hyperlinks may be old or broken…..

Links do not constitute endorsement or support by the Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest.

Environmental News  Envirolink                      Living on Earth  National Geographic           Environmental News Network

Hiking North Central Texas

Nature Study and Hiking Links

Local Hiking and Walking areas  D/FW Hiking Trails

Garland  Rowlett Creek Preserve,  downstream from Spring Creek Forest and Preserve.  


The Dallas Backpackers and Hikers Meetup Group 

Dallas Country Trail and Preserve Program


Galatyn Woodland Preserve/ Train by Rail – upstream from Spring Creek Forest and Preserve

News about Richardson’s Spring Creek Nature Area

Plano North Bob Woodruff Park  soft Trails Bob Woodruff Park  Bob Woodruff, Oak Point Trail Mileage Map

Collin County Parks and Open Space

Connemara Conservancy

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve 

Fort Worth

Tandy Hills Preserve

Mountain Biking

Texas State Park Guide

Trail Link – Chaparral Trail

Other Trails

Cedar Hill State Park – Cedar Hill
Northshore – Grapevine Lake
420 Trails – Ft. Worth
Arbor Hills Park – Plano
Boulder Park Trail
Cleburne State Park – Cleburne
Cottonwood Creek – Allen
Erwin Park – McKinney
Rowlett Creek Preserve – Garland  closest to Spring Creek Forest
Windmill Hill Park Trail – Desoto
Knob Hills Trail – Grapevine Lake
Sister Grove Park Trail – Princeton
L. B. Houston Park Trail – Dallas
Horseshoe Trail –
Johnson Branch Trail – Lake Ray Roberts

Whitewater – Trinity River and Tributaries

Rowlett Creek includes put in and take out points map

Spring Creek includes put in and take out points map

Southwest Paddler

Trinity River Expeditions

Plein Air Landscapes

Richard Prather


“Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!” –

“Flower Garden Resources of Kids” –

Flora of North America

Plant Anatomy and Glossary

National Phenology Network

Recommended Books for the Study of North Central Texas Plants – NSPOT

Vascular Plant Image Gallery – Texas A&M University

Catalogue of Woody Plants of Oklahoma

Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge – USFWS floral list from the Hill Country

CalPhotos: Plants (includes the Brousseau Collection)

DFW Tree Identification – Texas Forest Service

Native Plants Journal

TEXNAT – Plant identification

Native Plant Information Network – Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Illegal and Invasive Plants

Carnivorous Plants of Texas

Saprophytic Orchids of Dallas

Wildflowers of the Southeast

Botanical/Environmental Organization Links NPSOT

Vascular Plants Endemic to Texas

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery

Plants Database – USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Texas Forest Service

USDA Forest Service

Texas Oak Wilt

Forest Pests of North America      

Texas Riparian Association

Texas Invasive Plants and Forest Pests

Community Forestry

Fire Links

The Great Trinity Forest

Dallas Historic Tree Coalition

Texas Tree Trails

Texas Native Shrubs

Fact Sheets on 680 Tree Species pdf format

Guidelines for Developing Tree Ordinances – references

Southern Forest Resource Assessment – USDA Forest Service

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA)

Forest Types in the Oaks & Prairies Physiographic Area 8 – US Forest Service FIA data

Silvics of North America

USDA Forest Service, Southern Research  Station –  over 2,000 Publications on-line 

Forestry Links – Global Association of On-line Foresters

Texas Native Trees

Lasting Forests – Rural, wildland, and natural resource management

Dead Tree Web Home Page

Lick Creek Park – flora similar to Spring Creek Forest

Forest History

Urban forestry – what a major city is doing with trees

Trees Atlanta – what another major city is doing with trees

Fall Color Hotline – US Forest Service

Where can I go online to learn more about trees?

Local level

State level

National level

International level

Climate Change

Global Warming – Google for Educators – Global Warming Student Speak Out

Drought Information Center

     NOAA Drought Information Center

     U.S. Drought Portal


Wetland Breaking News – Association of State Wetland Managers

Society of Wetland Scientists

Association of State Wetland Managers

Riverine Forested Wetlands – TX

Wetlands in Arkansas – good summary of functions

Functions and Values of Wetlands in Coastal areas – NC

Mitigation Guidance for Transportation Projects

Wetland Publications – Texas General Land Office WetNet

Wetland Links – Texas General Land Office

Wetland Links – Association of State Wetland Managers

National Water Summary on Wetland Resources  –  USGS

Midwestern Wetland Flora

Western Wetland Flora

Southern Wetland Flora

A Tour of the Flynn Bogs – Leon County, Texas
Gilgai Page


American Prairie Foundation

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery

PLANTS National Database (USDA)

Konza Prairie Biological Station

Kansas Rangelands

Kansas Prairie Wildflowers

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Society for Range Management

Friends of the Prairie Learning Center/Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge

Great Plains Nature Center

Ecoregional Profile of the Blackland Prairie World Wildlife Fund

Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois

Texas Grasses

Grass Images

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Spring Creek Prairie – National Audubon

Tallgrass Prairie – introductory range management

Clymer Meadow Preserve

Central Texas Blackland Prairie Plants

Other Blackland Prairies

The Prairie Page National Park Service

The National Grasslands

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

East Texas Sandstone Outcrop – flora similar to Spring Creek Preserve 

Prairies in the 20th Century

Kuchler description of  bluestem prairie and oak-hickory forest

Friends of the Prairie Learning Center

Flora and Fauna of the Great Plains

Oklahoma Wildflowers

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

Interactive Tour of the Grassland Biome of Midcontinent North America

Links to Prairie Sites

Links to Information about Grasslands

Land and Life on the North American Prairie WWW Resources

Meadows and Prairies Forum

Tall Prairie Preserve Links

Flora of the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

Land and Life on the North American Prairie

Wildflowers in Bloom

Mints of Texas

Description of Range Vegetation Types

Oaks and Prairies Physiographic Area 8 – BLM site


 Classic introduction to hydrology in pdf format:    A primer on water, Luna B. Leopold and Walter B. Langbein. U.S. Geological Survey. U.S. Government Printing Office: Washington D.C., 1960.

Peak Ecological Water

Texas Water Centers and Institutes

Water Quality

East Fork of the Trinity – EPA watershed info

Water Quality Information Center – USDA Agricultural Research Service

National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) – USGS – WRD

    NAWQA Data Warehouse

National Water Quality System (NWIS) Web Data  – USGS

Water Quality Standards Database – EPA

Nearby Lakes

Lake Ray Hubbard – hydrologic conditions – Spring Creek drains into this Flood Control Reservoir

Lake Lavon – hydrologic conditions – flood control reservoir upstream of Lake Ray Hubbard


Texas Water Matters

Texas USGS

Texas Water Resources Institute

Texas Nonpoint SourceBOOK – stormwater management

Stormwater Management in North Central Texas

Spatial Water Balance of Texas

Water Resources Data for Texas – USGS

Dallas Ft.Worth Climatology

Summary of Major Findings & Issues by USGS – Trinity River

Regional Water Planning Area C

Texas Water Net Links-> Texas Water Resources Institute & TAMU

Stormwater Management in North Central Texas NCTCOG

Stream Restoration

Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection

Stream Systems Technology Center – Forest Service

Watershed Management Links – Canadian

Sustainable Streambank Protection and Riparian Habitat Restoration Practices

USEPA Office of Wetlands and Watersheds

U.S Gov’t Wild and Scenic Rivers System

Water Environment Federation

NCSU Stream Restoration Guidebook  pdf format


Water Watch –  realtime streamflow data for Texas


Drought Information Center

     NOAA Drought Information Center

     U.S. Drought Monitor

     Keetch-Byram Drought Index

Potential Climate Change Impacts on the Great Plains

Mean Monthly Stream Flow – USGS Water Watch

Techniques of Water Resources Investigations – USGS  on-line manuals

US Forest Service Stream Team

National Environmental Methods Index

Water facts

Water Conservation Portal


Thanks to Kristy Griffin’s class for sending this nice link about Missouri’s State Bird, The Eastern Bluebird. At Spring Creek we do put up and maintain blue bird boxes along the edge of our prairies. Thanks Class! .

“Hummingbird Gardens – Herbs and Flowers for Hummingbirds” –

“All about birds” –

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

Trinity River Audubon Center

TexBirds  – latest bird sightings

Texas Birders Coffeehouse

Birding on the Net

Texas Hotspots

Audubon Texas

Audubon Dallas

Prairie and Timbers Audubon

Texas Ornithological Society

American Birding Association

Warbler Watch

Macaulay Library Animal sounds NEW!  download the free RavenViewer to visualize sounds on this site

Surfbirds – scroll down a
little and check out the “PHOTO GALLERIES” in the
middle column… “N. American Stop Press” for the
latest rarity pics

American Birding Association

American Bird Conservancy

Birding – The Mining Co.

BirdGuides (birding in the UK)



The Birds of Prey Foundation

Bird Studies Canada

BirdWatcher’s Digest

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Chipper Woods Bird Observatory

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Nest Box Cam

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages-Birding


Electronic Resources on Ornithology

Elkstreet Web Camera

Falcon Cam 2001

Friends of Fish Creek

Hummingbird Migration Maps

Hummingbird Pictures Guide

International Migratory Bird Day

Journey North

National Audubon Society

Other Organizations

National Wildlife Federation

North American Bluebird Society

The Nature Forums

The Nature Conservancy

The Organization for Bat Conservation

Operation Migration

Owl Cam

Peterson Online

Purple Martin Conservation Association

Purple Martin Society

Raptor Education Foundation

Roger Tory Peterson
Institute of Natural History

Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation

The Virtual Birder Internet Magazine

Wildlife in Crisis, Inc.


For species information:
Visit the Birdzilla Omnibus to find over 900 species descriptions, 500 range maps and hundreds of songs and photographs. Includes over 10,000 pages of information from the Arthur Cleveland Bent series on the natural history of the birds of North America.

Bird Identification

Patuxent Bird Identification Infocenter

Online Bird Guide

Internet Bird Collection (IBC)

Identification of Eastern U.S. Songbirds by color

Warbler Identification

Bird Counts

    Texas Christmas Bird Count – National Audubon & Cornell University

    Great Backyard Bird Count

    eBird   a new citizen science tool that allows anyone to report any bird species anywhere anytime 

    Hawk Watch

Check Lists

    Bird Check Lists of Texas

    Birding Checklist for Spring Creek Forest & Preserve  


Bird Checklists for North Central Texas

North Central Texas Bird Sightings

Birding on the Net – North America

North American Rare Bird Alert (NARBA) – Houston Audubon

Migratory Bird Center – Smithsonian

Master Guide to Warblers of Canada

Warbler/Sparrow migrations in Spring Creek.

The Case of Our Missing Songbirds

Birdzilla Wild Bird Omnibus includes Bent’s Life History of Birds (900+) species


Partners in Flight

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center – links to bird studies.

Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter

EPA – Bird Conservation Initiatives

Birds of Conservation Concern – now available as .pdf report from US Fish & Wildlife Service

Birds in Forested Landscapes -Cornell

Biodiversity Hotspots

Species 2000

The State of the Nation’s Ecosystems – 2002 Heinz Center report

Biodiversity Partnerships – Landowner incentives in Texas

Biodiversity and Conservation – A Hypertext Book by Peter J. Bryant

Center for Applied Biodiversity Science

Convention on Biological Diversity

Biodiversity Project

Project Noah – share you observations of species globally

Study List of Common Insects of Texas – Texas A&M

New Texas Entomology Web Pages

Texas Beetle Information

Beginner’s Guide to Dragonflies

Digital Dragonflies

Texas Dragonfly Information

Worldwide Dragonfly Association


Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation 

Stoneflies of Texas

Butterflies – Refer to links on Butterflies & Moths Page


Database of Flower-Visiting Insects – Illinois Prairies

Mayflies of Texas

Field Guide to Western Grasshoppers

The Coleopterists Society

Tiger Beetles of Texas


Other Links


Nature Blog Network

Earth Trends

Grassroots Recycling Network

Environmental Links – Open Directory Project

Digital Library for Earth System Education for K-12 and informal educators

Eco Index

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) – for federal activities

Envirolink – Online environmental community

Natural History of North Central Texas

Natural History of North America

The Nature Page

Centex Naturalist

Online Audubon Field Guides

Paleoenvironments of Texas

Oceans of Kansas

Carbon Cycle Science Program US Global Change Research Program

Astronomical Data for North Central Texas

Best Environmental Resource Directories

North American Archaeology Links – Mississippi Valley, Plains, Southeastern, Southwestern Cultures

Federal Gov’t portal Earth Day

Earth Day Network               

Guide to Planning Environmental Meetings and Events

Air Quality Index (AQI) – AIRNow  – EPA

Today’s Air Quality in Dallas-Ft.Worth

Scorecard – enter your zip code and see pollution sources

Air Now

Score Card Pollution Locator

Google Earth 

Google Earth Hacks Links

MSN Virtual Earth


World Wind (NASA)

West Nile Virus Maps  

The USGS Store   USGS Topographic Maps The best known USGS maps are those of the 7.5-minute, 1:24,000-scale quadrangle series. A scale of 1:25,000 has been used for some maps based on metric units (1 centimeter = 0.25 kilometer). The area portrayed on each sheet ranges from 64 square miles at latitude 30 degrees north to 49 square miles at latitude 49 degrees north.

Multi Map

US Census Bureau – Mapping and Cartographic Resources TIGER MAPS

State of Texas maps  Bureau of Economic Geology – UT Austin

Geologic Maps of Texas

Color Landform Map of Texas



EnviroMapper EPA

EnviroMapper Storefront – EPA

TerraFly – digital images of where you live

DFWMAPS  Create, download, and view maps of all types for North Central Texas

Texas Environmental Profiles – on-line mapping

The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies – mostly on-line and mostly free GIS data 

EPA Ecoregions of the US

Ecosystem Provinces – Bailey

Biogeographic Maps

Image Atlas

National Atlas of the United States – many kinds of maps of US


Land and Water Associations:

    StormWater Authority 

    American Society of Mining and Reclamation (ASMR)

    Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC)

    International Erosion Control Association (IECA)

    Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

    Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) http://www.licanational.com1

    Minnesota Erosion Control Association (MECA)

    The National Arbor Day Foundation

    National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD)

    National Roadside Vegetation Management Association (NRVMA)

    National Watershed Coalition (NWC)

    North American Lake Management Society (NALMS)

    North American Stormwater and Erosion Control Association (NASECA)

    Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS)

    Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

    Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS)

Six Sigma Training   – Delivered education for business training  


Natural Area Preservation Association

The Connemara Conservancy

City of Dallas Air Pollution Control

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA)

Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)

Dallas Plano Hike & Meetup group

Dallas Trekkers Walking Club

Sustainable Dallas

DFW Green Alliance

Pleasant Oaks Gem & Mineral Club of Dallas, Texas

Texas Environmental Center

Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council

Texas Parks & Wildlife

Texas Hiking 

The Nature Conservancy of Texas

Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT)

East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society Athens, Texas

North Texas Orienteering Association

Texas Society for Ecological Restoration

Trinity River Authority

Texas Astronomical Society


Native Habitat Organization

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Foot Print Network

World Watch Institute

World Resources Institute

National Environmental Education and Training Foundation

Earth Policy Institute – download free books

Earth Island Institute

Pacific Institute

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Center for Policy Analysis – Background for Legislators

Texas Land Conservancy  formerly Natural Area Preservation Society

Native American Seed

Public Citizen

Save the Clean Air Act

Natural Resources Defense Council

State Environmental Resource Center (SERC)

Botanical Society of America

Grassland Heritage Foundation

All Species Foundation

GRRN – Grassroots Recycling Network

National Biological Information Infrastructure

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

The Freshwater Society

Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG)

The Land Trust Alliance

American Farmland Trust

The Heinz Center – free publications on science, economics, & the environment

Corp Watch

Rocky Mountain Institute

David Suzuki Foundation

Union of Concerned Scientists

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

The Nature Conservancy

Trust for Public Land (TPL) Conserving Land for People

Trout Unlimited – conservation organization for protecting North America’s coldwater fisheries – Journal of Built & Natural Environments

Great Plains Public Policy Institute

Audubon Naturalist Society

EPA’s Center for Watershed Protection

Smart Growth

Performance data for Urban Best Management Practices

Process for Developing Measurable Goals under a General Permit

Smart Growth Primer

Land Use, Transportation, and Environmental Quality

American Planning Association state links

Storm Water Center and

Smart Growth Network

EPA’s model permit for Phase II

Planning for Smart Growth

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Urban Stormwater Management


American Forests  – urban forests, tree policies, etc.

Environmental Benefits from Trees

CITYGreen software

Car Sharing Network

Street guidelines

Anacostia River LID

EPA Region 6 list of stormwater resources

Sprawl City

Sierra Club Sprawl Site
Sagauro Seminar (Robert Putnam)
Social Capital Blog
Project for Public Spaces
Congress for the New Urbanism
The Built Environment Blog
Richard Layman’s Rebuilding Place Blog
Sprawled Out Blog
The Aesthetic Elevator
Empty in Suburbia
Model Citizen or Model Consumer?

Bootstrap Analysis -chronicles and musings of an urban field ecologist
Dean Terry’s main site & Flickr s

All About Sustainable Gardening  New Link!

Thanks to Ms Graham and student Erica at the Cleary Mountain Union Free School District

Planet Pals

“Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!” –

Food and Water Watch

Polluter Watch

Dynamic Cities Project NEW!!  

EPA’s Center for Watershed Protection

Smart Growth

Performance data for Urban Best Management Practices

Process for Developing Measurable Goals under a General Permit

Smart Growth Primer

Land Use, Transportation, and Environmental Quality

Training Classes in Smart Growth Best Management Practices

Smart Growth in North Carolina

American Planning Association state links

Storm Water Center and

Smart Growth Network

EPA’s model permit for Phase II

Planning for Smart Growth

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Urban Stormwater Management


International Society of Arboriculture – tree ordinances

Tree Conservation Ordinances

American Forests  – urban forests, tree policies, etc.

Environmental Benefits from Trees

CITYGreen software

USDA Forest Service Southern Region

Benefits of different tree species

Citizen Support for Tree Ordinances

Car Sharing Network

Flex Car

Green Streets

Street guidelines

NCDOT Traditional Neighborhood Development Guidelines

Low-Impact Development (LID)

LID for Phase II credit

Post Construction Stormwater Management

Additional Measure of LID effectiveness

Anacostia River LID

Benefits of protecting sensitive land

Growth Management Leadership Alliance

EPA Region 6 list of stormwater resources

Sprawl City

Investigative Reporting (From KERA)

Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR)
Established in 1977, CIR sponsors and produces invesigative projects for television, radio, print and the Web.

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE)
IRE provides educational services to reporters, editors and others interested in investigative journalism and works to maintain high professional standards.

Columbia Journalism Review
Published bi-monthly since 1961 by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, CJR is a preeminent magazine for professional journalists. Its articles cover trends in the journalism and media industries, professional ethics, and the stories behind the news.

The Fund for Investigative Journalism
The Fund for Investigative Journalism awards grants to reporters seeking to undertake investigative projects without the backing of a major news organization. Past FIJ-supported projects have won a variety of awards — among them Seymour Hersh’s Pulitzer Prize for his report on the U.S. Army massacre in the Vietnamese village of My Lai.

The Center for Public Integrity
The Center for Public Integrity is a non-partisan nonprofit organization that works to produce original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern.

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Established in 2006 as an independent division of the World Security Institute, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting identifies, sponsors, and distributes independent investigative reporting.

The Smoking Gun
The Smoking Gun Web site uses materials gained via the Freedom of Information Act weigh in on current issues in the news.

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