Both the Speaker Series and the 4th Sunday Nature Walk

Kimberlie Sasan, All about Galls

Galls are odd growths on trees or bushes. The gall is an example of a plant-animal relationship. More than 2,000 types of insects and other organisms can cause abnormal plant growths. They may be found on any part of a plant—buds, leaves, flowers, twigs, under the bark, and even on the roots.

Kimberlie Sasan is a Texas Master Naturalist and Master Entomology Specialist who enjoys volunteering in a wide variety of nature activities.  She has been documenting moths and other creatures in her Keller backyard for over six years where she has identified over 300 species of moths. She has a passion for photographing insects and studying their life cycles. An iNaturalist user since 2015, Kimberlie has made over 29,000 observations.