Rosehill Park



Rosehill Park  - This 75 acre prairie is located north of Country Club Road across from Lyle Middle School in Garland.

There is a good diversity of native grasses and forbs, including Indian Grass, Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Eastern Gama, Side-oats Grama, and Threeawn.  On our first visit, November 12, 2002, Derek Hill spotted a Leconte's and Grasshopper Sparrow, two prairie-dependent birds. More information on Rosehill Prairie can be found at



The Park is bordered on all sides by subdivisions just southwest of Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland.  The actual tall-grass

prairie is mixed with wooded areas in a mosaic of habitats, including a small wetland pond.  The Park faces recreational demands

of new and older residents alike.....this page is help residents understand the complex beauty of the Park and the need

to maintain its original character.


Photo taken by Richard Prather, Garland during the week of October 17, 2004


Left to Right:

Late summer  . . .

Wild Four-O'Clocks frame this prairie image (Sept. 2004)

Eryngo (purple) with Snow-on-the-Prairie

Late afternoon sunlight on Indian Grass, one of the true native prairie grasses here

Indian Grass in bloom

Prairie Agalinis with ant

Liatris and Snow-on-the-Prairie

small wetland pond which had lots of frogs