Google Earth Images


Google Earth has progressed a long since since we first reported it in our field notes in June, 2005...back then images were

blurry and limited.  Most recently Google has made available detailed remote images of Spring Creek and environs..have a

look!  These have been modified but original images are from Google Earth.


Looking south from the George Bush Tollway,  you can see Spring Creek is embedded in a web of concrete and transportation corridors.

In the foreground you can see the Garland Special Events Center as well as shopping areas along North Garland Avenue.

Although not on Spring Creek Forest proper, the Rowlett Relief Sewer Project fragments riparian forest along the north side of

Spring Creek.  Left: Looking east from the Fred E. Harris Section of Spring Creek Greenbelt, where most natural hiking trails

have been obliterated, much to the dismay of local forest recreationists. Right: Looking west or upstream toward N. Shiloh Road.

A beautiful sw remote view of Spring Creek Forest, December 2009, from just under 2,000 feet when fall foliage was still showing on Shumard,

Chinkapin, and Bur Oaks. The main parking lot at 1770 Holford Road is in the upper right. You can see the concrete trail from the parking lot as

it winds se through the Forest. The natural trails can be seen in the upland cedar glades in the lower right.

Locally called "The Badlands" this is private property that is being trashed by motorized vehicles.  The last remaining colonies of Liatris glandulosa and other rare species such as Hall's prairie clover, and Plains Nipple Cactus are fast disappearing.