Where is it?


Note: This is a draft trail map.  We are in the process of improving accuracy with gps equipment in the near future.  There are several access points to Spring Creek...the most popular are the two main parking lots at 1787 and 1770 Holford Road in Garland, Texas.



Ownership Map - click to enlarge. Yellow boundary Dallas County, Blue Boundary City of Garland.

Spring Creek Watershed

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Nearest Emergency First Aid

 Fire Station 6 located at 2009 Holford Road just a short distance south

of Spring Creek Preserve parking lot (1768 Holford Road) and Lee F. Jackson Forest Preserve (1770 Holford Road)


Trails of Spring Creek

The Society for the Preservation of Spring Creek is not responsible for the accuracy of these trail maps, and locations are approximate.  Conditions on primitive trails vary depending on maintenance by volunteers, public use, and weather conditions, so please proceed with caution when hiking.  Thanks to the North Central Council of Governments  (NCTCOG) for the use of the remote sensing images used for these maps. The approximate scale on the 3 sets of trail maps is 1"=390.8' or1:4689.6

Upper Trails                                  Middle Trails                   Lower Trails