6 thoughts on “Events

  1. Carissa

    Can we take our family on a hike through the forest? Or does it have to be scheduled and guided?

  2. Carol

    Bob Richie did a wonderful job as the speaker for last night’s meeting! We have two empty bee hives and we are really excited about getting our bees this upcoming Spring!

  3. Cindy Heard

    Hi. I just sold my house and moved into Equinox on the Park apartments that are next to the Preserve. I consider myself so lucky and thankful I live next to the Preserve because I have discovered a great peaceful place to hike at. I am very interested in helping out anyway I can such as volunteer work in the Preserve or other capacity. I am an outdoor enthusiast and a backpacker and hiker. By the way a bobcat paased me the other day on the trail that have concrete trails. It just passed by me and looked at me and thankfully kept on going! Please let me know if I can help out in some way. 214-563-3148


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